We help recruiting leaders fill over 80% more positions without hiring more recruiters.

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Who is Kore RPO?

The ordinary pressures and cost of growing your workforce by one person is already a strain. Yet when your organization depends on a steady stream of new talent, the logistical complexities and variable hiring costs increase at an exponential rate. With our recruitment process outsourcing solutions, Kore RPO can provide your business with high-volume hires at a fraction of the cost.

What is our approach? How is it different?


Hiring a single person requires your organization to review thousands of potential candidates in the blink of an eye. Multiplying your workforce compounds your burden. Our team of recruiters are trained to review active and passive candidates in accelerated timeframes, finding exceptional talent that fits your desired skill sets, work experience, and culture – when you need them.


High-volume shouldn’t mean low-quality hiring. By working with one of our Senior Recruiters, your organization will benefit from decades of recruitment experience capable of bringing you the highest quality professionals.


A steady flow of talent depends on efficiency throughout the full recruitment lifecycle. Our Recruiting Coordinators oversee end-to-end recruiting processes by extending offers, onboarding talent, and supporting your internal hiring efforts.



Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt on LinkedIn

After 12 successful years as an executive leader in staffing and recruiting Brian created Kore RPO. His goal was to combine his experience in staffing and recruiting with his deep understanding of how to successfully outsource operations. While in his leadership role in staffing, Brian was responsible for helping the organization grow their recruiting organization in India. Prior to his experience in recruiting, Brian lead software development teams in India, Venezuela, Philippines, and Costa Rica. This experience was the inspiration for outsourcing recruiting and other operational functions. Today Brian is helping clients leverage outsourcing to streamline and scale their businesses.

Chief Revenue Officer

Jonathan Ung

Jonathan Ung on LinkedIn

Jonathan has a deep passion for creating a global network of career opportunities and improving the way the world works one conversation at a time. Leveraging his global M&A experience focused on professional service businesses, then building full-desk recruitment teams combined with his educational background in quantitative economics, psychology, and finance provides him with a unique perspective to assist talent acquisition teams with lessons learned from the highest-performing companies in the industry.

President, Indian Operations

Jithin Kumar

Jithin Kumar on LinkedIn

Jithin brings extensive expertise and a proven track record in both Staffing and RPO models, accumulated over 12 years of industry experience. Throughout his career, Jithin has collaborated with a wide array of clients, providing invaluable support in recreating, building, and implementing efficient processes to foster scalable growth. His ability to customize solutions based on each client's unique requirements has been instrumental in delivering successful outcomes.

How do we get started together?

Contact Kore RPO to setup a consultation about how we can help with your hiring efforts. We understand your challenges and have several years of experience building successful recruiting operations.